Racial justice

A little over a year ago, our country witnessed the harsh realities of systemic racism and the glaring flaws in our criminal justice system when George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight by officers of the law. While no verdict, new law, or change in policy will ever bring back George Floyd, Samuel DuBose, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland, Timothy Thomas, Emmett Till, or anyone whose lives have been lost from systemic racism, the lessons we collectively learned and the changes we did make are hopeful steps towards progress and justice. In Hamilton County, we did not let this pivotal moment in American history pass us by. We took this opportunity, and as Hamilton County Commissioner, I authored the Resolution Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis.

While these groundbreaking reforms at the County were important steps towards a more fair and just society, we all know this work is far from over. Our approach to racial justice must be a regional approach with collaboration from the County, City Council, the Mayor’s office, community councils, and every one of us. That is why I decided to run for City Council and that is why I am introducing the Parks Plan for Racial Justice. This plan will present key policy objectives that will move our city towards a brighter future and center equity and racial justice in all city operations.

With these reforms, I believe Cincinnati can become a beacon for equity and justice in our country. We can stop the violence in our communities while ensuring prosperity and opportunity for all those that seek to better themselves and their communities. We can ensure that city government works for every neighborhood, every child, and every family. I promise you today to work as smart as I can to implement these reforms. If elected, on day one I will work with my colleagues, the community and stakeholders to put forward legislation instructing the administration to put measurable plans in place and offer updates quarterly to council and the mayor on their implementation of our Racial Justice Plan. I hope you believe in this vision and I hope to have your support as we make it our reality. Thank you.